Freja og Far in Glyptoteket, Copenhagen

Welcome to my little place on the internet. Here you'll find some of the learnings about Linux, microcontrollers and electronics, I'm trying to pick up when I have some sparetime

I've just moved back to Denmark, after living in Geoje Island, South Korea, together with my wife and my daugther for a year and a half. Here I've busy chasing around in worlds 3rd and 2nd largest shipyards, doing commisioning of electronically/mechatronically controlled 2-stroke diesel engines.

I am currently working on developing and commissioning of TIER III technologies for large 2-stroke heavy fuel driven diesel engines. My main expertise in this area is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system, which I am very exited about working with.

In my spare time I'm trying to do a Master in Management of Technology at Aalborg Univesity, which you can find more information about here:

Once I get settled into our new appartment, I'm planning to move this web site to my own server. This will take a while, and in the meantime, I will not post too many new articles, as I am planning to set up a Django site. Even though the plan for this website is just to work more or less as a notepad for my own little projects, just editing HTML every time I add a new page has already become boring. Will be much more fun to learn about Django, and maybe set up a CMS system with Django.

Feel free to send me a mail if you have any questions.

At the moment I'm working on articles on setting up home survaillance with motion, setting up NFS server with UltraSparc 5, and finally, I justed picked up a sweet new fanless computer of off, which I'm planning to set up as a mediacenter, so that I'll get my favorite laptop back from my wife. I'll try to describe that process as well.

I spend most of my free time (when not playing with my daughter) in front of my computers. I've set up a home network or private lab, with an array of Linux hosts and devices. In addition, I'm messing around with different microcontrollers, trying to get into the mind of electronic designs.

When I can break loose from my computers, I try to keep up with maintenance of my boat, but I'm afraid I don't really spend enough time there, especially since I've been living in Korea for a year and a half.

Apart from that, I do quite a bit of biking/indoor biking (biking outside in Korean traffic, is very dangerous) and a bit of scuba diving.